Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't hate me!


It looks like I'm the only one who wore clean shoes that day.

Why is the runway broken?

Even the models wore dirty shoes?

What happened? I never thought that runways could be THAT dirty (and broken). Welcome to Philippine Fashion Week? Mind you, I love the collections specially Chris Diaz's Spring Summer 2010. This is my first time to attend fashion shows and I don't know if I'll miss another Sunday family gathering and not do my homeworks for this. I hope next year (if ever I'll be invited again), I want to see shoes that would fit the models perfectly, cleaner and elevated runways, and more chic and cool people than I-don't-know-where-they-came-from random people.

What do you think?


  1. i was there! i went to almost all the shows last sunday. bakit di tayo nagkita? hehe. karl was there. so was sheika.

    yeah, welcome to fashion week in the third world. haha. joke lang. well, you should see what happens backstage. ayoko mag salita. ^^ but to be fair most designers are independent and have limited resources. as for the shoes not fitting its difficult kaya to match models with shoes. isa yon sa trabaho ko last monday. LOL

  2. I didn't see you guys! :( SAYANG! I don't know Sheika, I think. Hahaha! Tell me what happens Back Stage! But I have to say Kudos to Joel Escober and Chris Diaz. =)

  3. i like the rooftop shot! how did u get there?

  4. "yeah, welcome to fashion week in the third world."

    --toxic disco boy

    HAHA! OMG, ang funny. Pero, true? Ha! Kala mo nandun ako e :D Pero, judging through the pictures... *no comment*

    DON'T MISS ANY OF THE BI√ĎANGAN AGAIN! [Lalo na pag nandun ako :P]


  5. @Kat: Hello Kat! We have an open deck, Like 1 meter nalang mareach mo na Roof. So yun =) But its scary!

    @MU: Hahaha yeah, I won't na >:D<

  6. fabtastic observation on the shoes... but i agree with toxicdiscoboy's comment that's just half of what happens backstage!

  7. Thanks Thysz! I know! I'm so curious what happens back there. Btw, I can't visit your blog, put me on the list! :D

  8. UGH! jealz! i wish i went to atleast ONE fashion show at fashion week! like ill even take the ones in the main atrium for chrissake! and those ones are the weird brands like crissa and shiz like that. but then again philippine fashion week isnt even that good. i dont know why the hell i would want to go watch one, maybe just for the experience, looks like fun ykow? yeah im weird
    AND OMG I HAVE THAT SHIRT TOO!! haha, the best


  9. Andie! You have an awesome blog! BTW, don't feel bad missing the Fashion Shows! Its not like you missed SO MUCH. Hahaha! But I agree, the experience is a different story. Are you serious? We have the same shirt? Cool! B-)

  10. Mann I love your style! I like the shot with the breifcase thingy, and I bet that fashion week seemed interesting to watch even if the models did wear dirty shoes ;)
    I hope you can have a peek at my blog sometime, and be followers? Yes/noo?
    let me knoww