Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hot and Cold

Chictopia loves me while LookBook loathes me. Here are two photos to prove it:

In Chictopia

In LookBook

Normally, I would say "I don't give a fuck" and/or "Whatever" whenever I feel rejected or hated but this smells like a challenge and calls for shopping, traveling and hiring a photographer. Okay, scratch the hiring a photographer part, I don't have M-O-N-E-Y for that. I'll stick with my 7 year old brother slash photographer. And believe it or not, he took these pictures:

My brother: Are you sure? You might fall..
Me: Yes, I'm sure. You know what to do if ever I fall, right?

His reward. LOL.


  1. D!!! Hahaha! I didn't know you can comment via Chictopia! Thanks >:D<

  2. i'll be your photographer for a day hahaha :D cguro pag may break na tayo! based from the pics your posting it looks like the camera loves you anyway! dont ya think?

  3. Kat! Thanks so much! Thats flattering :"> SURE! Like WHOA, my pleasure :)