Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Buy them now!

These are the coolest laptop sleeves I have ever seen. Seriously. I''ll definitely buy one. I'm still thinking whether to get the PdP Artist Canvas Sleeves (which means I'll design it myself) or Monsters in Manila or Our Scrapbook World. Help me decide!

PdP Artist Canvas Sleeves

Monsters in Manila (Part 1)

Monsters in Manila (Part 2)

Our Scrapbook World

H2Oh noes!

Here's there website:
BTW, these are original graphic designed sleeves by Punchdrunk Panda and according to my research the geniuses behind these laptop sleeves are
Jennifer Horn and Nathania Gail Go

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Photos from Punchdrunkpanda


  1. i'm loving H2Oh noes! do they sell overseas?

  2. i like monsters in manila :D is this part of Marge's shop?

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  4. ooops spinaspam ko blog mo! hahahaha ANYWAY i just visited their website hahaha changed my mind i think the PdP Artist Canvas Sleeves is better! now i want to buy one too! ^_^

  5. OMG! I want one too :> How much?

  6. @Anonymous: I'm not sure if they're selling overseas.. Check their website!

    @Toastyroasty: Hahaha! I know! I like the idea of designing a laptop bag/sleeves! LET'S BUY!!! I might get a designed one as well.. =D

    @Aine: It depends.. It depends on the size of your laptop. Price range: 700-950? Check their website!! Let's buy!!!!

  7. super cool bag! buy the blank one so you can design it then post it here!

  8. OMG THOSE ARE SO COOL! im sorry but im very undecisive, i can never make my own decisions, so yeah... but ill just say my thoughts. sure it will be cool to design your own laptop sleeve, but the monsters in manila is too cute because its all doodly, the scrapbook world is wow because its quite amazing actually, and the H2ohnoes is WIN cuz theres a penguin with butcher knives.
    now you choose, THE POWER IS YOURS! (captain planet=love)

    oh and my classmate bought the ring from girlshoppe, but you can find really nice rings in bazaars at some times, last year in the st james bazaar, i was supposed to buy this really ridiculously awesome two fingerhole ring that took shape of a DJ mixer, but when i got back to the booth, it was sold :(

  9. i will buy one soon!
    I don't have money though, I will work as a part time waiteress to be able to get one haha