Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Watch out for them

They call her Hera. They call her Aphrodite. Sometimes Atheena and Helen- That's not her name!

Jennifer Cederstam

Killer Shoes!

Jen (That's how I/we call her. Hahaha!) is looking so chic during our 6 hours of Materials and Methods II class. If I hear Carpet/Rugs one more time, I swear I'm gonna lose it!

Sorry Jen, I didn't give enough justice to your outfit. Thanks for keeping me not so bored during the lecture. Let's have a mini photoshoot in school soon!

I ran some errands before going home and I just have to treat myself with a Dilly Bar in Dairy Queen instead of frozen yogurt in Red Mango (Poverty! Hahaha!). I know, too little too late for Halloween.


  1. I seriously love your navy cardigan with the red plaid. Great mix! :)


  2. She's so pretty! And i like your navy cardigan too!

  3. love your outfit and her shoes!
    and is that a dilly bar but with a pumpkin on it?? too cute! i hope they still have them.
    okay if its not, yeah i guess its still cool that its a pumpkin, hmmmm

  4. Ba! Bagay =)) :P

    I both like your clothes and hers :>

    Ha! Sana yan na lang yung binili natin nung nagTri tayo nung birthday ni Tita Chi :|

  5. @Xtinagirl: Thanksss!!! You have such an awesome blog!

    @Anonymous: I know right? She's very good wityh drawing too. Thanks B-)

    @Andie: Aww.. Thanks very much B-)I think they still have it. Awesome blog!!! B-)

    @Aine: Hahaha! Out of stock eh. :| See you on Sunday! :) Miss you!