Friday, January 1, 2010

On my way to our yacht

This is why I love taking pictures around 5PM. The lighting is just awesome!

Yessir! I wore three necklaces and a Phiten X30

TheSartorialist AMBITION. FAIL.

My awesome photographer, Angel Magno


  1. love the layering of necklaces! great photos!

  2. hey i found you!! :D
    i totally love taking pictures in the morning too! the lighting is just heavenly! :D it's just hard here coz it gets intensely cold and chilly! hahaha!

    i just added you in my blog links.. hope you don't mind!

  3. haha sure thaaang. i havent been posting much lately >< but ill try to keep up haha
    and nice - sartorialist picture thingy. LOL i have that book xD

  4. @Alison: Thanks very much! I know, my sister is just awesome :)

    @Sybil, AWESOME! I was checking you blog moments ago and I must say, awesome blog! You write so well.. I like your new years resolutions!!! Come back here!

    @Mikey, great! I'll be using some of your photos. Don't worry, I credit accordingly. You should! Blog more and post more in LookBook. But wait, I can't find you on LookBook now. Thanks! Its such a fail though (Sartorialist Thingyy). I want that book too!

  5. awwww. my name's here HAHAHAAAHHAHA i bet you know who i am now. :|

  6. I totally agree with you, sunlight is such a wonderful thing!

    I love everything on your outfit, dibs on the 3 necklaces, a most guys are scared to wear necklaces and I just don't know why. Looks great on you.

    Mind an interview/feature?

  7. @Anonymous: I know its you Angel! Thanks very much!

    @StyleAnywhere: Thanks! I had it for 10 years! And it still fits :|

    @Esme: I don't mind Esme :) So what's the first question? Hahaha! And thank you for your sweet words :"> :>

  8. i super love this look! laid back lang and napaka effortless. win!

  9. @Mike: I really appreciate it :)) "laid back lang and napaka effortless. win!" --WHOA. Thank you very much! BTW, I saw you at Trinoma last Sunday! I was just running some errands then BOOM. I saw you with your sister?

  10. haahaha lol sa sartorialist attempt.. ganyan din ako.. well, almost every blogger naman ata.. if madami lang cobble-stoned streets sa manila e.. db?
    yaman may yacht..! ikaw na!