Friday, January 1, 2010

What was he thinking?

Trivia: Something is REALLY REALLY wrong in this picture.

Answer: Crocs

What on earth did I eat or drink to wear Crocs at a Bar?

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Crocs, I wear them at home (I use it as house slippers) but pairing it with Scooby-Doo socks at a Bar is just priceless and WRONG. This happened last December 30 at a hotel when we suddenly felt like drinking so we decided to go at the Mistraal (the Bar at the hotel). I feel so bad that I made my 14 year old sister drink Pina Colada, Screw Driver and a beer.

Hello Two Thousand and Ten!!!


  1. bakit ikaw lang nasa bar? lol :D happy new year aivan!

  2. Kat, the bar is inside the Yacht Club's Hotel, so only members can go inside. Apparently nobody is into partying that time. So yeah, it was only me, my cousin and sister who partied.

  3. ahahahahaha. kuya, pang banyo lang yan! hahaha.

  4. @Mike: Hahaha! I know! Hahaha This is such a social suicide huh? Good thinkg no one saw me.